The problems at Piney Point must end. I am directing @FLDEPNews to develop a plan to ensure this never happens again and finally bring this pressing environmental issue to a close for our state.

Criticisms of lockdowns and other so-called mitigation efforts have been censored by Big Tech, which is antithetical to scientific inquiry.

An intellectual discussion between world-renowned doctors and epidemiologists was removed by YouTube in another blatant attempt by Big Tech to silence those who disagree with their preferred political narratives.

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The left is willing to politicize the highest court in our land to add justices who will support their radical agenda. Court packing damages the court and undermines the U.S. Constitution. I'm cosponsoring H.J.Res.39 to protect an independent #SCOTUS.

This evening, I signed the discharged petition for the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act. The right to life is our first God-given right. Its unimaginable that babies born alive after failed abortions can be denied medical care to save their life. #EndInfanticide

Proposals to require so-called #COVID19Vaccine passports to participate in everyday life would be an unbelievable intrusion on individual health privacy and a limitation on personal freedoms. I am a co-sponsor of this bill - it protects Americans' privacy and personal freedoms.

No lines, we are currently offering 1st and 2nd doses Pfizer immunizations till 12pm at the @FLHealthLake
#COVID19 Community Health Immunization Site located at 560 W. DeSoto Street, Clermont.

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Twitter bans Project Veritas’ James O’Keefe amid #ExposeCNN push via @washtimes

Not long after Congressman @RepThomasMassie shares a video from @JamesOKeefeIII, poof, O’Keefe is gone.

Yesterday, while debating HR 1333, House Democrats were falsely impugning President Trump and Republicans as "racist" for supporting "travel bans" against seven specific countries. I reminded them they supported visa restrictions on these same seven countries in 2015.

With the FBI breaking into US systems to delete malware from Microsoft exchange servers and now this, the government is engaged in a breathtaking sprint to protect the Microsoft brand.

Have the Solarwinds hacks led to a quiet embrace of "national champions" style infosec policy?

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It doesn’t matter how they entered this world: Providing medical care for babies who are born is a necessity. I'm proud to sign the discharge petition for the Born Alive Abortion Survivors Act, led by @SteveScalise, @RepAnnWagner, & @RepKatCammack.


We set a new record yesterday with 202 signatures on the discharge petition for the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act. We still have several members left to go, but we're going to get it done!

Learn more:

Thank you Whip @SteveScalise, @RepAnnWagner, and @RepKatCammack for leading our efforts to force a vote on the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act. Together, we can #EndInfanticide and protect precious children.

That line you see on the left?

That line is a pile of proud, strong pro-life members signing the discharge petition for the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act.

Thank you, @HouseGOP colleagues for standing up for life with me, @SteveScalise, and @RepAnnWagner.

This week, Republicans once again filed a petition for a floor vote on the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act – to protect a child born alive after an attempted abortion. With 218 Member signatures, we can get this critical legislation to the floor for a vote!

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Vice President Mike Pence says he had a pacemaker implanted after experiencing symptoms associated with a slow heart rate. Surgery successful, and Pence is expected to fully recover.

NEW: San Antonio International Airport is on lockdown Thursday afternoon after a report of a shooting, police said.

BREAKING MARKETS: Dow breaks 34,000 for the first time. Closes up 305 pts. to close at 34,036. Solid economic data drive over 1% increases in the S&P 500 and NASDAQ indexes.

NEW: Derek Chauvin, the former Minneapolis Police officer who is charged with killing George Floyd, invokes his 5th amendment right to not testify in his case.

CDC’s vaccine advisory committee decided they need more information before they can recommend the best way to move forward with the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

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The Tropical Cyclone Report for Hurricane #Sally (September 11-17, 2020) has been posted on the NHC website. Sally made landfall at Gulf Shores, Alabama, as a category 2 hurricane, causing 4 direct fatalities and 7.3 billion USD in damage.


The Tropical Cyclone Report for Hurricane #Isaias (July 30-August 4) has been posted on the NHC website. Isaias made landfall at Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina, as a category 1 hurricane and caused 4.8 billion USD in damage in the United States.


The Tropical Cyclone Report for Tropical Storm #Beta (September 17-22, 2020) is available on the NHC website. Beta made landfall at Matagorda Bay, Texas, with 50-mph winds.


The Tropical Cyclone Report for Tropical Storm #Theta (November 10-15, 2020) has been posted on the NHC website:


The Tropical Cyclone Report for Hurricane #Epsilon (October 19-26, 2020) has been posted on the NHC website:

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This is beyond the pale – @NicolasMaduro is forcing Venezuelans to pledge loyalty to his social dictatorship to receive a coronavirus vaccine.

It shows just how far Maduro is willing to go to maintain his grip on power.

We must end the @CDCgov lockdown on our cruise industry.

TY, @MarcoRubio, @SenRickScott & @RepMariaSalazar, for sponsoring legislation to help the 1000s of Floridians w/careers in this industry—FL’s entire congressional delegation should vote in favor‼️

.@POTUS's $2T "infrastructure" plan isn't about infrastructure at all. Worse - he wants to raise taxes to pay for his liberal wish list. He should take a lesson from Florida and invest in infrastructure in ways that grow our economy while actually helping Americans. 👀⬇️

We cannot allow Communist China to jeopardize our U.S. government networks and national security by using apps connected to Communist China. I’m proud to join @HawleyMO, @marcorubio and @SenTomCotton to reintroduce the No TikTok on Government Devices Act:

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This storyline from back in 2020 was a prime example of how partisans use partial & selective leaks of bits of incomplete intelligence to get scandal hungry & biased media outlets to spread their desired political narrative

Dr. Fauci’s views on matters far outside his area of expertise on immunology are his opinions. It’s his judgment, but it isn’t some established scientific fact.

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