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Matt Gaetz

Should Joe Biden shoot down the Chinese Spy Balloon?

If the U.S. knows that this Chinese Spy Ballon is collecting information from our sensitive ICBM sites and transmitting it back to China, and we did not shoot it down, that would be the dumbest in a series of dumb decisions from @SecDef and Joe Biden that we have seen to date.

LIVE NOW: I’m joining Steve Bannon’s War Room for the full hour at 10am ET/9am CT!

TUNE IN to and @RealAmVoice!

Hunter Biden has FINALLY admitted that his laptop is real.

First, it was a conspiracy theory. Next, it was "Russian disinformation."

Now, he wants to PUNISH his enemies for exposing the Biden Crime Family.

.@TheView tried to diminish the Pledge of Allegiance today by calling it "controversial" and says America is not exceptional.

But that is NOT the view of PATRIOTS all throughout this country.

We will keep saying the Pledge every day, and we will not apologize for it!

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National Hurricane Center

The Tropical Cyclone Report for Tropical Storm #Karl (October 11-14, 2022) has been posted on the NHC website:

The Tropical Cyclone Report for Hurricane #Danielle (September 1-8, 2022) has been posted on the NHC website:

The Tropical Cyclone Report for Tropical Storm #Hermine (September 23-24, 2022) has been posted on the NHC website:

A non-tropical low about 300 miles north of Bermuda is producing storm-force winds. Although the system is producing some thunderstorms, it is embedded in a cold air mass with nearby fronts. Please see products issued by the National Weather Service

NHC has updated fatality data and the @NOAANCEI damage estimate in the Tropical Cyclone Report for Hurricane Katrina (2005), and fatalities in Puerto Rico for Hurricane Maria (2017) based on recent research.



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The Sky

Saturday night’s $700M Powerball prize latest in string of giant jackpots via @THESKY973DOTCOM

An unexpected job surge confounds the Fed's economic models. via @THESKY973DOTCOM

Big China spy balloon moving east over US, Pentagon says. via @THESKY973DOTCOM

Ukraine may also get old Leopard 1 tanks from German stocks. via @THESKY973DOTCOM

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Elon Musk

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Steve Miller

This is one of the most humiliating spectacles in our nation’s history. A giant Chinese spy balloon traversing unmolested across our sovereign airspace without a worry in the world.

In one breath, Democrats vilely slander Republicans as terrorists, fascists and Nazis and, in the next breath, condemn Republicans’ (calm and mild) rhetoric.

A Chinese spy balloon casually invading our air space for all to see, conducting day after day of espionage in broad daylight undisturbed, is a stark visual demonstration of Joe Biden’s crippling weakness and our excruciating national humiliation.

I know I was just named to the Senate Armed Services Committee yesterday but I’m going to go out on a limb and say we shouldn’t have a Chinese spy balloon floating over the United States of America.

Take it down.

DC Metro Shooter Had Prior Assault Dismissed by Progressive DA

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