In only 48 hours, Biden:

- Killed around 50,000 jobs
- Made us less energy independent
- Committed $2 trillion to climate change nonsense
- Admitted he has no COVID plan
- Increased the price of insulin and epinephrine
- Invaded Syria


The Trump movement is stronger than ever.

Driving across the state of Florida, I saw HUNDREDS of Trump signs and flags — not a SINGLE Biden sign in sight

This is just the beginning to the America First movement! 🇺🇸

Sad day for women’s sports. Women must compete against biological males at the risk of injury and loss of title, thanks to a new Biden executive order. Don’t ever tell me this is “pro-woman.” It’s not. It’s destructive and malicious.

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The Great Firewall of Silicon Valley. Tear down that wall Mr. Zuckerberg et. al.

Navarro Report, Volume 3 provides a scholarly rendering of the potential number of illegal votes in the 2020 election. We welcome any who may dispute its finding because that is the nature of scholarly discourse.

Democracy dies in the cloud. #bustsocialmediatrusts

Did the ccp virus killing americans come from a bioweapons lab? Was it genetically engineered?

New cover-up fears as Chinese officials delete critical data about the Wuhan lab | Daily Mail Online

Backbones in short supply in the DC Swamp. Money doesn't talk it swears.

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Truth here from Rep. Kinzinger.

I thought Liz should have departed after backing the primary opponent of @RepThomasMassie.

Instead, she told us we are all clear to campaign against one another in primaries.

So that’s what may happen.

I don’t find it intimidating at all.

If “unity” is the objective, getting rid of the 60 vote (filibuster) rule in the Senate is not conducive to that end.

In Washington DC, it’s fashionable to say $27 trillion of debt is a crushing burden and $1 trillion deficits are unsustainable, but the second you actually fight to cut any spending you’re branded a radical and every cut is declared draconian.

Source is U-Haul, but still interesting.

Net gain of U-haul rentals might not be the best indicator of migration. The top 5 states are full of people who own trucks & can move without a U-haul, whereas the bottom 5 states have lower truck ownership %.

@RepThomasMassie Im old enough to remember when Massie made the whole congress show up to try and explain a $2 trillion pork laden "assistance" package & the dems were ready to put him in the gulag. Then 8 months later Pelosi was placed on a throne for doing the same to get her speaker job...

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