Citizenship is sacred. The Left is trying to erase it.

AFL is suing the head of the Small Biz Admin, Isabel Guzman, to collect damages on behalf of restaurant owners she punished for their race. Her unconstitutional, bigoted conduct demands restitution. See my message below for Biden officials & visit to help.

ICYMI, my interview with @seanhannity on the covid border catastrophe.

America First Legal has partnered with Texas to sue Biden Admin over covid catch-and-release. Visit to learn more.

America First Legal previously filed suit to enjoin the unconstitutional race exclusions in the restaurant fund. AFL successfully obtained an injunction & the preferences were stopped. Now, AFL is seeking damages for those @SBAIsabel excluded & punished for their skin color. 2/2

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Let's get after it @ChrisCuomo Watch this and understand why you are an authoritarian useful idiot for the proponents of BAD SCIENCE. You have my number Chris. Anytime.... Universal forced vaccinations into the teeth of a pandemic is STUPID!

Authoritarianism in the name of bad science is bad policy that can kill people.

STOP the forced vax of our kids and previously infected. It moves us in the WRONG direction.

Authoritarian Messaging Must Stop

Tune in to Bannon's War Room 10 a.m. Saturday as I guest host show on why a policy of "forced vaccinations" is dangerous. Mandatory masks for children and vaccines is CHILD ABUSE and UNNECESSARY

It is IMPOSSIBLE to get accurate information on social media and Google about Communist China's virus because of their biased positions. And of course our bureaucrats are lying to us in public -- think Fauci as Exhibit A.I saw it all first hand in the White House.

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