From the White House podium, I said this intelligence was "not verified," "no consensus" & that the NYTimes & Dems were "irresponsibly politicizing"

NOW WE LEARN: "US Intel Walks Back Claim Russians Put Bounties on American Troops"

Wonder what other stories were FALSE

As @kayleighmcenany said from the WH podium last summer:

“The front page of the NY Times is not the venue for discussing classified information...This is a piece of intelligence information that had no consensus, has not been verified, still to this day has not been verified.”

Since the Dems decided to roll out their Expand The Court agenda on Throwback Thursday, let's go to the throwback tape of #RBG opposing #CourtPacking.

Follow the RBG rule, "9 seems to be a good number, and it's been that way for a long time."

Roll the tape!


And just like that congressional Democrats advocate for destroying two American institutions: the Supreme Court and the Filibuster.

The Electoral College is next. Power at any and all cost!

Discussing this & more this hour on @OutnumberedFNC. Join us!

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Congrats to Gupta for breaking ranks. Note to CNN: Now that election is over, how about we get back to some truth-telling. 99.9% probability virus came from Wuhan Lab -- which Fauci funded! connect the dots!! @CNN @JohnBerman @drsanjaygupta

Time to have this debate, is it not? Please retweet this one far and wide. Need your help on this.

Saint Fauci says its "bizarre." You be the judge.

Fauci funded the Wuhan lab and authorized gain of function genetic engineering at Wuhan to make bat viruses more dangerous. If SARS-CoV-2 came from Wuhan Lab, Fauci is Father. US biologist Bret Weinstein s 90 per cent chance it leaked from the lab

Wash DC finally coming alive as Trump vaccine takes hold. Maskless soccer and little league games. Restaurants in bloom. It all started on Feb 9, 2020 with a memo to Task Force urging on behalf of POTUS to move and we could have vaccine by October! It's the Trump Vaccine!

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I’ll be live on @FoxBusiness with @KennedyNation at 8:00 PM ET. We will be discussing the #FireFauci Act and much more.

Tune in!

The main reason Congress votes to spend money we don’t have is it’s currently popular with the majority of voters. If a majority of voters really wanted Congress to balance the budget (and was ok with the relative austerity it would require), Congress would balance the budget.

OKeefe’s infraction: exposing CNN.

Not long after Congressman @RepThomasMassie shares a video from @JamesOKeefeIII, poof, O’Keefe is gone.

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