New York sues #DonaldTrump for hundreds of millions in fraud damages & refers matter to IRS for criminal prosecution.

No one should be surprised by this suit. I am not.

I ask one thing: that justice prevail, whatever that justice may be.

I am adamantly opposed to credit card CEOs’ attempts to track the information of law-abiding gun owners.

In the face of this unconstitutional anti-gun agenda, I will always stand up for New Yorkers and all Americans’ #2A rights!

21 years ago today, America experienced one of the deadliest terrorist attacks in our history. As we remember the anniversary of 9/11, we honor the thousands of innocent lives lost, the first responders & volunteers rescue efforts, & the service and sacrifice of our military.

#DonaldTrump denied demanding I, in 2021 & 2022, call for rescinding 2020 election (or risk losing Trump’s endorsement).

Truth revealed: TRUMP demands reinstating him as president or hold new election, VIOLATING U.S. Constitution.

Honesty matters.

If #DonaldTrump honestly thinks so poorly of #MitchMcConnell & wife Elaine Chao, then why did Trump hire Chao as Cabinet-member & Secretary of Transportation for 4 years?

Chao & McConnell’s profits from Communist Chinese Party well-known in 2017.

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Texas A&M student, Madalyn, wasn’t able to attend her @TAMU ring day while interning for Congress. So @RepCloudTX and I brought the ring ceremony to her.

Congratulations, Madalyn! #GigEm

Ukraine’s ‘Center for Countering Disinformation’ is US taxpayer-funded McCarthyism. They label @TulsiGabbard & @RandPaul “information terrorists” for opposing the war racket.

Biden’s ‘Disinformation Board’ got shut down. So now he’s paying Ukraine for censorship and propaganda.

Because Giorgia isn’t a godless leftist, the fake news media will never give her credit. She is Italy’s 1st female PM, & the ANTITHESIS of Mussolini. She is a brilliant, caring and moral mother seeking to protect her nation’s children & their future. #GodFamilyCountry

The ludicrous experimental #CovidVaccine mandate should never have been implemented in our military.

We are LONG overdue for its conclusion—not to mention a formal apology from SECDEF for this brutish temper tantrum that resulted in an unethical medical directive.

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House Democrats just BLOCKED a bill requiring schools to provide parental notice and obtain consent before offering students health services.
House Republicans believe parents have rights—including the right to be involved in every decision regarding their child’s health.

Historic inflation, violent crime waves, and unchecked illegal immigration don't have to be the new normal.

@GOPLeader and @HouseGOP have a plan to get this nation back on track. Read more about our #CommitmentToAmerica ⬇

In his farewell address, President Harry Truman said, "The President—whoever he is—has to decide. He can't pass the buck to anybody. No one else can do the deciding for him. That's his job.”

Sound advice, Mr. President. Everyone should listen to it—especially policymakers.

Parents are not domestic terrorists.

Today marks 1 year since the @NSBAPublicEd sent a letter to DOJ Attorney General calling parents, who spoke up for their children, "domestic terrorists."

The GOP will never stop fighting to give #parents a voice.

300 Americans will die from fentanyl this week. That’s like one commercial aircraft crashing every week.

@DEAHQ says it’s coming from our Southern Border.

Democrats refuse to secure it. @HouseGOP has made a #CommitmentToAmerica that we will.

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Josh Hawley blasts FBI's arrest of pro-life activist: Time to 'take the gloves off' and defend rule of law #FoxNews

The lawless SWAT-style raid of Mark Houck in PA is all about sending a message to prolifers: “we will come for you.” Whoever authorized it should be removed from office

Sen. Hawley to introduce bill empowering states to deport illegal immigrants

Hawley demanding answers on Houck pro-life arrest #FoxNews

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Thank you, Bill Brady @1100KFNX. So good to be on air down in Phoenix with you from northern Arizona!

EXCLUSIVE Interview: Arizona Senate Candidate Roxana Holzapfel's Anti-Police Democrat opponent “Missing Mendez” SKIPPED WORK in ‘Fear of COVID’ MISSED 93% of Vote, yet rec’d 100% of Senate Pay & Per Diem".

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Tonight, on #InFocus we'll walk through all of the political violence the Left has committed against the Right while insisting that the Right are the domestic terrorists.

@Jim_Jordan, @William_E_Wolfe, @HoraceCooper21, @RepAndyBiggsAZ, @Santos4Congress & @MarkowskiInvest

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.@Amtrak has a COVID vax mandate for employees. Today, I told Amtrak’s CEO their mandate is based on mysticism, disproven myths, and superstition.

Shameful. We are about to vote on a $10 billion foreign aid bill titled “Global Food Security,” while our military is advising soldiers to apply for food stamps (SNAP) to deal with the inflation that bills like this have caused.

Thank you to @RepArmstrongND for cosponsoring HR 3860, legislation I introduced to prevent members of the Armed Forces from being forced to take the COVID-19 vaccine. It's great to have your support!

Check out the disclaimer on the new menus at Beans Cafe and Bakery in Northern Kentucky! Governor @AndyBeshearKY tried to shut down this restaurant during COVID, but the owner refused to comply with his tyranny. These are the real patriots.

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“One by one, the pillars of absurdity are being knocked down. This time, it’s courtesy of the CDC.”

We applaud the passage of the FDA Modernization Act 2.0 by the US Senate. It will help facilitate the transition away from outdated and unreliable animal tests and pave the way for the use modern human-relevant technologies that will advance human health and spare animal lives.

“Sen. Rand Paul, joined by University of Kentucky swimmer Riley Gaines on Newsmax Wednesday, said he was "proud" of her for advocating greater fairness in women's sports.”

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