America has the highest inflation rate since the early 1980’s. What is President Biden’s solution to all of this? Spend more money! The Biden Administration continues to dig America into a financial black hole.

The @WHO's new abortion guidelines are horrible. To show my disgust, I cosigned @RepDLamborn and @SenMikeLee's letter to the W.H.O. demanding they retract these dangerous guidelines.


Finland and Sweden have submitted applications to join NATO. I signed onto @RepMikeTurner's letter supporting their decision and encourage expedience in this process.


Instead of increasing competitiveness with China by prioritizing domestic workers, the COMPETES Act focuses on importing foreign workers to take American jobs. My colleagues & I are calling on House & Senate leadership to remove these harmful provisions.

Huntsville is now considered the #1 place to live in the United States according to the @usnews 2022-2023 rankings. Glad people are taking notice of what a great place the Rocket City is. The future is bright in the Tennessee Valley.

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There is evil in this world, and it was in Uvalde yesterday. We grieve for the families of those precious children and teachers.

There are some basic solutions that we must get back to, but now is no time for politics. It is a time for grieving.

Americans wait at airports for shipments of food so their babies can eat.

Meanwhile, Biden sends pallets of baby formula to illegal aliens at the border.

It didn't even take two years for Biden to put the U.S. on track to be a third world country.


Any bill that is serious about combating #China cannot cede U.S. sovereignty to the UN. Despite being the largest donor country to the UN, we've received very little to show for our heavy investment.

@RepLaMalfa @RepDLamborn @RepGregSteube

Punishment during pretrial confinement has repeatedly been held unconstitutional. But the Constituiton appears to be no bar to the Biden DOJ’s antagonism. #J6
@julie_kelly2 @DineshDSouza @McBrideLawNYC

.@DineshDSouza is a Patriot who inspires love of county and greatness in many people.

This powerful, beautiful, and painful painting could not have arrived at a more appropriate time.

Thank you, @McNaughtonArt for sharing this beautiful work of art with the world.


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Chief Charles Chandler of the Westerville, Ohio Police Department says some of his officers have been sent to the hospital after being exposed to fentanyl in the field.

.@OhioAG Dave Yost discusses his strategy to fight for border security and stop the flood of deadly fentanyl flowing into Ohio communities from the southern border.

Terror suspects are crossing the southern border illegally

Just today we learned one suspect with ties to ISIS planned to smuggle assassins across the border to target former President Bush

.@GOPLeader in Ohio: President Biden’s open border policies have “made every single city in America a border city.”

That means more deaths when it comes to fentanyl.

President Biden refuses to acknowledge the harm his open border policies have done in places like Ohio. Even worse—he offers no new federal help to fund more border agents or lock up drug traffickers. Put simply: Biden is failing to keep Americans safe.

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The title says it all. Republicans should be the party of nationalism, not nation building

Atrocities in #China continue - now is the time for new sanctions and new tariffs on the most dangerous regime in the world

Hawley demands DHS Secretary Mayorkas turn over docs on disinformation board

Biden says he wants to stop Chinese imperialism in Asia - even as he commits tens of THOUSANDS more troops to Europe, indefinitely. Which is it? Must choose a priority

Biden Admin doubles down on nation building in Ukraine - says US will help rebuild country

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What’s going on in Arkansas? Thing just weren’t done right here. It wasn’t just in my district. We need a thorough inspection of all things, especially ES&S and how the tabulation was done and reported.


BREAKING: Truth Social now has desktop and PUBLIC links. This is a big deal. Follow me now:

Perhaps it us time to end the FBI and start a new organization. This is outrageous!

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As we learn more details of today’s events in Uvalde, I am heartbroken for our South Texas community. It is devastating when our innocent children become the victims of senseless violence. We are devastated.

As we learn more about this heartbreaking tragedy in Texas, our family is praying for the victims, their loved ones, and for healing in this community.

🚨JUST IN: Ranking Members @RepMikeTurner and @Jim_Jordan are demanding answers from the FBI on their over 3M FISA queries in 2021.

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Thank you to @RepDanBishop for cosponsoring my bill to audit the Federal Reserve, HR 24.

The American people benefit when we work to increase government transparency.

Thank you to @RepMaryMiller for cosponsoring my bill to audit the Federal Reserve, HR 24.

The American people benefit when we work to increase government transparency.

Thank you to @DrNealDunnFL2 for cosponsoring my bill to audit the Federal Reserve, HR 24.

The American people benefit when we work to increase government transparency.

Another School Shooting in a Place where teachers and staff were banned from carrying guns: Robb Elementary School in the Uvalde, Texas CIS

NO SHOOTING WHERE teachers and staff armed.

@RWPUSA do you check these things before you post?

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While the Biden Administration and government bureaucrats stand idly by–yet again–to watch a crisis run out of control, my bill offers a commonsense solution…

“As part of this plan, the WHO has contracted Deutsche Telekom to develop a global vaxx passport system, with plans to link every person on the planet to a QR code digital ID.”

Study “hypothesized that [vaxx, masks, testing & tracing] would limit COVID-19 spread on campus...”

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