As hundreds of thousands of Americans suffer in Florida from a terrible hurricane this is what Occupy Democrats is focused on. Not surprising from a party whose leader called 75 million Americans the biggest threat to freedom and democracy!

Biden lackey @SenCortezMasto is a total disaster for hardworking Nevadans. She supported:

- Insane spending bills that jacked up inflation.

- Massive tax hikes on working families.

- Hiring 87k new IRS agents to take your money.

Vote @AdamLaxalt!

READ MY NEW OPED: Biden smeared MAGA as "extremists." Then Tim Ryan told his radical supporters to “kill and confront” Republicans on national TV – Tragically, someone listened to them & the leftist media is purposely ignoring it.

#CaylerEllingson #OhSen

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“The game is the game. It’s been here long before me, it’s gonna be here long after me…you have to get better at the game.”

Full hour with Jared Kushner below…

ICYMI: "‘Breaking History’ and mindset in Washington"

Join us to honor the 2nd Anniversary of the historic Abraham Accords with keynote speaker @jaredkushner!


Today is the two year anniversary of the second of the Abraham Accords agreements between Israel and the Kingdom of Bahrain, negotiated by Jared, myself and our team. Thank you to everyone that has helped the Abraham Accords thrive.

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Letitia James is the most corrupt attorney general in New York History and is an embarrassment to prosecutors across this country.

So #LetitiaJames has sued #Trump & Fam for "over valuing" their properties... To make her case, James (with all her real estate experience) asserts Mar a Lago should only be worth 75mm... But a property in the neighborhood, MUCH SMALLER went for 450mm...🤷‍♂️

NY AG Lawsuit Against Trump Should be Dismissed as Politically Punitive and an Unethical Abuse of Power | Gregg Jarrett

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Happy Birthday to my love! @michaelboulos you are the most incredible man and I can’t wait for the rest of our lives together ♾

Please pray for the families and loved ones impacted by the tragic collapse in and for the brave first responders working to save lives ♥︎ #SurfsideBuildingCollapse @MiamiDadeFire @MiamiDadePD

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