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#DTS- @replouiegohmert: The decisions that keep Comey from being indicted were made by Strzok and Page. That is so outrageous! Based on the last two IG reports, I’m not that encouraged there will be justice. Comey is given cover. #MAGA #AmericaFirst #Dobbs

Join Lou Tonight- IG says Radical Dems have not asked him to testify about his reports on Comey nor FISA abuse. When will DOJ prosecute swamp creatures Comey & McCabe? @pnjaban @jaeson_jones @replouiegohmert @PatricePinkFile @GordonGChang join Lou 7PM. #MAGA #AmericaFirst #Dobbs

Watch @LouDobbs TONIGHT at 6:20PM CENTRAL. Will discuss #McCabe, #DOJ and the ongoing investigations by the Democrats. Tune in to @FoxBusiness!

: @SeanHannity – Justice for Warriors Congressmen .@replouiegohmert + .@Rep_Hunter + Sgt. Derrick Miller join Sean on the urgency to free unfairly imprisoned servicemen. NEXT @knssradio

Listen in to @seanhannity's radio show today at 3:30PM CENTRAL. Will talk about my trip yesterday to Fort Leavenworth with members of the @JFWCaucus. Tune in:

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Good conversation with Afghan Ambassador @RoyaRahmani today. We spoke candidly about our shared goals for a secure and self-reliant Afghanistan, and I admire her work to empower women with equal rights throughout the region.

We couldn't agree more! There are no Republican roads and Democrat bridges. All sides have a real opportunity to find common ground and get infrastructure done. #InfrastructureNow

The majority of Americans oppose the Dems' push for impeachment. They should stop wasting taxpayer time with their imaginary impeachment and instead let's work together to:
• End the opioid epidemic
• Pass #USMCA
• Rebuild America’s infrastructure

We just unveiled the newest statue in the Capitol collection: Ponca Chief Standing Bear of Nebraska. Because of his determination, an American court recognized for the first time the rights of Native Americans as “persons” under the law.

The #USMCA is a good deal for Texas – it will strengthen our Main Street businesses and lift unfair burdens from our farmers and ranchers. It’s time to stop playing political games and get this done for our nation.

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#ICYMI: Watch @RepMarkMeadows's opening statement from today's subcommittee hearing examining the Council of Inspectors General on Integrity and Efficiency.

IGs play an important role in the oversight of the federal government. Let's give them the tools they need to succeed.

Couldn't agree more, Mark!

Just to remind our folks back home, the most important investigation – the DOJ & FBI FISA abuses report by Inspector General Horowitz – is coming out soon! I'll be asking IG Horowitz some questions about his report momentarily in the @GOPoversight.

James Comey purposefully leaked a memo so the special counsel could investigate the President.

James Comey relied on a bogus dossier to spy on an American citizen.

James Comey owes the country an apology.

🎥 : @RepMarkMeadows

You really can't say it enough: we had a 2 year long, unlimited investigation from a special counsel that came up empty—and now we're nearly 10 months in to a new Congress and Democrats are STILL aimlessly investigating the same thing.

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The @freedomcaucus has proven highly effective throughout its tenure, and I have every expectation that we will continue our mission to advance an agenda of limited, constitutional government in Congress.

Read the rest of my op-ed for @townhallcom ➡️

Andrew McCabe & James Comey have both been referred for criminal prosecution.

Both failed to safeguard sensitive information.

But Democrats expect us to believe neither was out to get the President? Unbelievable.

🎥 : @RepGregSteube

Has @RepJerryNadler been in contact with IG Horowitz about scheduling a hearing on the FISA abuse report?

Nadler: "We will review any such letter."

The letter came last week, and it's only two pages long!

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