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What we are seeing from these hearings is a 3-ring circus.

Democrats have been trying to impeach @realDonaldTrump since Day 1. Congress should get back to work helping the American people.

America's brave troops carry out dangerous, critical missions around the globe.


As Dems focus on their partisan #ImpeachmentHearings, they continue to IGNORE funding our nation's military.

Great news for our nation’s and Florida’s space industry!

The @NASA Authorization Act will help provide resources continue making new strides and fulfill our goal to send men and women back to the moon!

Thank you @senatemajldr for your commitment to helping the people of #HongKong in their fight for freedom and human rights.

We’re working to get the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act done. We need to be a unified voice supporting the people of HK.


I’m joining @Varneyco on @FoxBusiness at 10:10AM! I’ll be talking about the Democrats’ obsession - impeaching @POTUS in an attempt to overturn the results of the 2016 election.

This’ll be fun. Tune in!

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Washington Post Only Fact Checks Republicans After First Day Of Impeachment Hearings

NUNES: “We should not hold any hearings until we get answers to three crucial questions the Democrats are determined to avoid asking..."

Rep. Nunes: Impeachment process is doing great damage to U.S. | One America News Network

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Overturning DACA Would Be a Win for the Constitution

"The OPT program’s largest employers include many of our country’s biggest H1B employers and represent some of our nation’s most profitable corporations: Microsoft, Apple, Google, Amazon, Deloitte, and IBM."

Immigration has negligible effect on U.S. aging. And it will not save Social Security.

43 million added post-1990 through immigration only increased the working-age population from 63.9 percent to 64.4 percent in 2017.

It's axiomatic that adding tens of millions more people to the U.S. population "grows the economy" by increasing the GDP. What Luntz fails to note is that this growth almost exclusively benefits immigrants and employers of immigrants, not most Americans.

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House Dems are obsessed with wasting time on sham impeachment hearings.

House Republicans are committed to passing real legislation.

Let’s get back to business & pass #USMCANow for America’s farmers, ranchers and manufactures.

.@Jim_Jordan: You didn’t listen in on President Trump & Zelensky’s call?

Taylor: I did not.

Jordan: You’ve never talked with Chief of Staff Mulvaney?

Taylor: I never did.

Jordan: You’ve never met the President?

Taylor: That’s correct.

Jordan: And you’re their star witness.

Looking forward to being on with @MariaBartiromo at 8am eastern to talk about the Dems ridiculous impeachment hearings, the booming @realDonaldTrump economy and 2020 election.

Proud to file the paperwork for @realDonaldTrump to be on the ballot in my home state of Arkansas. #MAGA #KAG #TrumpPence2020

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According to @wsj rankings for 2019, #Florida is home to:

2 of the top 5 & 3 of the top 20 large airports in America.

And home to the top mid-size airport in the nation!



We have initiated the process of passing our #HongKong Human Rights & Democracy Act by unanimous consent in the Senate.

#China’s govt claim it’s not an expansionist power isn’t supported by facts:
-they denied wanting a base in #Djibouti then built one & lied about # of marines
-now deny wanting naval base in #Cambodia even as working to get one; &
-also want bases in #UAE & #Tunisia

It would be a major slap in the face to the U.S. if #Erdogan, just hours/days after his meeting at the @WhiteHouse views the final departure of U.S. troops near #Kobane #Kobanî as his chance to lay siege to this majority Kurdish city.

Dignified work, strong families, and strong communities are the keys to our civic and economic well-being.

Read more from my @NRO essay on #CommonGoodCapitalism

And watch highlights of my speech below:

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I am proud to announce that in my forthcoming recommended budget, I will be proposing $300 million in teacher and principal bonuses that reward Florida’s best educators.

Great morning at the @FedSoc National Lawyers Convention discussing the ideals and principles our nation was founded upon. The Federalists believed it was imperative that each branch of government serve its proper role, and it is our duty to ensure that remains the case today.


.@SBAgov is making disaster loans available to small businesses impacted by Hurricane Dorian & businesses in Polk County impacted by Tropical Storm Nestor. This is great news & will help these businesses get back on their feet.

I am proud to announce my administration’s second Job Growth Grant Fund award will go towards infrastructure improvements at the Melbourne Airport @FlyMLB.

Every child deserves to have a loving and nurturing family. As we continue to celebrate Florida Adoption Month, I encourage those who are able, to consider adoption. Please visit http://AdoptFlorida.Org to meet the children, who right now, are searching for their forever family.

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