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Communist China’s attempts to infiltrate the United States will not be permitted.


Looking forward to joining @TeamCavuto on @FoxNews at 11:06AM!

With the election just 3 days away, I’ll be discussing Florida’s vital role and America’s decision between Socialism and Capitalism.

Communist China’s aggression against peaceful activists continues.

Tony Chung has been charged and faces life in prison for simply speaking up for his basic human rights. These are cruel acts of intimidation by an oppressive regime that has been unmasked.

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.@TuckerCarlson talks to the director of ‘The Plot Against The President’ Amanda Milius about the Russiagate hoax national security implications within the government.

Stand with Devin Nunes and President Trump!

This smug little number saying her company, #Google, shouldn’t be broken up. Why? Because smaller companies won’t have the resources Google has “to prevent the next Trump situation.” #BreakUpGoogle

Twitter is running a blackmail operation — cooperate or no traffic for you

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"Will aliens who have been given due process in the course of their removal proceedings and received final orders of removal comply with those orders and leave? In almost 600,000 cases (and counting), that answer has been a resounding "no."" via @CIS_org

The issue isn't just whether "asylum-seekers" & other aliens show up for their immigration court hearings, it's whether they leave if they lose — and nearly 600,000 haven't. via @CIS_org

Remember, the H-1B visa program is not just about “cheap” labor. It’s also about “compliant” labor—employers control the immigration status of a foreign worker.

The H-1B program currently has no requirements for employers to prove they first tried hiring Americans.

"This falloff [in net migration] has been accompanied by a significant improvement in labor-force participation among native-born Americans — particularly among the less-educated."

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After campaigning for President Trump and Republicans in GA, FL, NC, PA, and MO I’m on my way home to Arkansas to do a rally for my friend and Congressman @ElectFrench Hill (and then watch the Razorbacks and trick or treat with my kids). Hope to see you in Conway at 2pm! #arpx

Proud to be with my friend Governor @mikeparson in Missouri tonight and looking forward to another great day on the trail with him tomorrow!


Join us as we kick off our final 5-day push by helping get out the vote for IN PERSON EARLY VOTING and ELECTION DAY VOTING.

Let’s win this for @realDonaldTrump & ALL Republicans on the ballot! 🇺🇸

Volunteer here👇

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Today, @FLCaseyDeSantis and I announced that Florida has been awarded $5 million in funding from @USDOL to combat the opioid crisis, which continues to be a major public health concern in our state. More info here –

.@FLCaseyDeSantis and I will be holding a roundtable regarding the opioid crisis today at 2:30PM. Tune in to the @floridachannel or

Northwest Florida is forecast to have impacts from Tropical Storm #Zeta this week, including heavy rain, wind and potential storm surge. Residents in Northwest Florida should monitor this storm closely, gather 7 days of supplies and follow @FLSERT for updates.

Family connection is very important. We are committed to empowering residents and families to unite and safely connect in person once again.

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