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#VZ may not be on the front pages any more, but I won’t stop fighting. I applaud the EU for answering our call to fight for freedom.

But we can’t stop here. Every free nation must join the fight for freedom & demand Maduro leave power once & for all.(1/3)

Today marks the 50th anniversary of the #Apollo11 launch from @NASAKennedy.

In 1969 our country made great strides in space exploration as the first astronauts landed on the moon. We will continue to push those limits as we invest in our incredible space industry!

.@nytopinion is comfortable publishing an op-ed shaming law enforcement, but not my response. Our border agents & ICE officials protect our nation every day – while far left media & politicians vilify them.

READ my LTE that the @nytimes refused to publish

Today I stopped by @Meggittglobal in Miami to celebrate their continued success and growth in Florida.

It’s great news for Floridians! A good job gives them a chance to live their American Dream.


¡Feliz cumpleaños a mi amiga @RosLehtinen!

Gracias por ser una gran líder y defensora de las familias de la Florida. ¡Nuestro estado está bendecido de tenerte!

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While we are the Milwaukee #honorflight hub & this podcast is about Fresno’s hub, the emotion, the pride and the Honor Flight Magic are all the same. Thank you @DevinNunes for this wonderful interview. Find your local Honor Flight organization here:

#HANNITY NOW: @DevinNunes previews upcoming Mueller testimony… and @JasonintheHouse will give us advance knowledge of what’s likely coming with IG Horowitz’s report on the Deep State!

Thx ⁦@foxandfriends⁩ for having me on this AM. Hopeful for strong recovery by ⁦@edhenry⁩ and his sister!

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DOL seeks change to H-2A ag guest worker visa program.

"...would expand access to the H-2A program by revising the definition of agricultural labor or services to include employers engaged in reforestation and pine straw activities."

Asylum should be a last resort for people fleeing real persecution—not a free pass for anyone who simply prefers to be in the U.S. This new rule will help weed out fraudulent asylum seekers and focus on helping actual refugees who truly need it.

A federal judge in Washington today said @USCIS was reasonable to find that an IT position wasn't a "specialty occupation" allowing for an #H1B visa. The ruling is a win for the Trump administration in its crackdown on the temporary visa program.

Former ICE Supervisor responds to protesters pulling down the American flag and raising the Mexican flag at the ICE facility

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The @realDonaldTrump administration continues to empower women at home and abroad - another impressive victory championed by @IvankaTrump #WGDP

Happy Friday! America’s success story in this thriving economy...
💥224,000 jobs added in June
💥6 million+ jobs since the election
💥Nominal avg. hourly wages ⬆️ by 3.1% this past year
💥16th consecutive month unemployment rate has been at or ⬇️ 4%
Let’s keep winning America! 🇺🇸

Thank you so much Mr. Vice President. The country is so blessed to have you and the Second Lady in the administration and serving our great country. It’s an honor to know you both!

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Happy to see @liliantintori again. She is one of the most effective & powerful voices for freedom & liberty in Venezuela.

Feliz de ver a @liliantintori de nuevo. Es una de las voces más efectivas y poderosas de libertad en #Venezuela.

Regime insiders have no loyalty to #Maduro. Have stuck with him because they believed he gave them the best chance to keep stealing money & avoiding justice

But many of them now believe they could do a better job than Maduro of dividing up dwindling $ & reducing intl pressure.

1/3: (READ & QUOTE WHOLE THREAD) When I read the piece below it made me very angry.

Instead of seeing America as the compassionate nation that saved her family Rep. Omar’s view is that America is unfair to refugees,immigrants & minorities (cont)

It’s not all going to be smooth sailing between #Turkey & #Russia either. Erdogan is positioned to launch a broader military incursion into Northern #Syria whihc runs counter to Putin’s plan to help Assad regime via @nbcnews

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Today we commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the @NASA #Apollo11 launch from Cape Canaveral. This achievement will forever be marked in history by the brave Americans who made the impossible, possible. FL will continue to be a leader in space technology for generations to come.

I’m pleased to announce over $750,000 in @FLDEO technical assistance grants to 19 communities throughout our state. These grants will help provide for the development of resilient local economies to attract businesses & support a highly-trained workforce.

Thank you @COTNews and @GRU4U for deploying to help our neighbors in Louisiana. Florida has the best utility crews in the nation who are always ready to step up to help others.

We are closely monitoring #TropicalStormBarry as it impacts Louisiana. I have directed @FLSERT to be prepared to provide any support Louisiana or Mississippi may need. Florida stands ready to support our neighbors along the Gulf Coast.

I’m happy to announce more than $2.9 million in grant funding through @FLDEO for military-related programs to help rebuild resilient bases for the hardworking men and women who serve our country and state. More info here –

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