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Congrats to all of my colleagues on a hard fought competition. Florida’s Orange Blossom Ale got the most votes of any Senator!

Congrats to @DanCrenshawTX on the overall win! We’re comin’ for you next year!


Text “Scott” to 202-883-6007 and help us bring home a win for Florida! #brewdemocracy

I’m proud to join my colleagues in sponsoring the Protect Medical Innovation Act, which permanently eliminates the medical device tax – a 2.3% tax enacted as part of the Affordable Care Act.

FL is home to a variety of medical device companies, employing nearly 21K Floridians.

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Thank you @DevinNunes and countless patriots who stand up for the #1a for ALL Americans and journalists, and helping shed light on mass tech #censorship.

My account has been reinstated.

Goes to show: We win when we stand up, fight back, and call out the powers that be.

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“'The over 3,000 subjects encountered in tractor trailers represents a nearly 40% increase over this time last year,' a Border Patrol official wrote in a text message to the Washington Examiner."

"The backlog of active immigration court cases has surpassed the 1 million mark and has nearly doubled since President Donald Trump took office, a new analysis shows."

Translation: There's too much competition for us to enroll enough US students, our budgets are so bloated we have to have more of the higher-paying foreign students, and we need the uncapped cheap guest workers so we can lay off US workers.

"Projections show the county population could more than double by 2050 to nearly 400,000 people."

"In all three scenarios, Canada’s population growth will be powered primarily by immigration, StatsCan says."

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Look who I found in the greenroom! Excited to be on @marthamaccallum show with my dad @GovMikeHuckabee in a few minutes. Tune in!

I’ll be on @SeanHannity at 9pm ET to talk about Democrats’ & their liberal media allies’ latest cruel smear against Justice Kavanaugh. They‘ll never accept the results of the 2016 election or one of its most lasting consequences: a conservative Supreme Court.

Proud to join Vice President @MikePence, @GOPLeader Kevin McCarthy & @BetsyDeVosED to keynote the Mackinac Republican Leadership Conference in Michigan this weekend!

I’m excited to speak at the American Priority Conference at Trump Doral this October. I’ll be joining @DonaldJTrumpJr, @charliekirk11, and many others.

Register at

Not surprising Biden doesn’t want to talk about Iraq. The colossal Obama-Biden failure there gave rise to the ISIS caliphate which President @realDonaldTrump and our great military destroyed.

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The most powerful response to #Iran’s attack on #SaudiArabia is to deprive them of deniability. Because how can the #JCPOA signatories justify remaining in an #IranDeal that doesn’t address the missiles used in this attack or the terror groups Iran supports?

Looking forward to tonight’s #BrewDemocracy cup! Vote for my Orange Blossom Ale and help bring home a win for the Sunshine State!

Text “Scott” to 202-883-6007 between 6:15-7:15PM!

Robert O’Brien is a very good choice

His experience in hostage affairs,promoting rule of law in Afghanistan & the U.S. Army Reserve position him to provide valuable strategic & tactical advice to @POTUS & our defense and diplomatic agencies.

I look forward to working with him

Today I'm launching a @Medium page to share original content & previous op-eds.

Read my new essay, “The Necessity of Economic Decision," which critiques U.S. economic policy's inability to identify a common good & set priorities required to realize it.

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This morning, I joined @LegalReform and @FlChamber to discuss ways we can continue to improve Florida’s legal climate. With a responsible judiciary, we can lower the cost of doing business while protecting consumers and improving the quality of life for Florida residents.

This month I join @EducationFL, @FLDEO and @CareerSourceFL in recognizing Workforce Development Month. We are committed to ensuring Florida remains a state where businesses are encouraged to grow and where meaningful jobs are created. More here -

I am traveling to Chicago today with @EnterpriseFL President & CEO @JamalSowell to meet with financial firms Keystone Capital, @KPMG and @LoopCapital. Florida’s economic posture is one of welcoming and there is no better state to start or grow a business.

Congratulations to @ChrisSprowls on being elected Speaker-Designate of the Florida House of Representatives. @FLCaseyDeSantis and I were honored to take part in today’s ceremony and I look forward to continuing to work with Rep. Sprowls on behalf of Floridians across our state.

I commend the @fdlepio Genetic Genealogy Team for their efforts to get criminals off the streets and out of our communities. I will continue to support this program, which is helping law enforcement solve multiple cold cases. Details here -

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