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@SenRickScott: Feds Should Take a Page From #Florida’s Playbook on Cutting Regulations:

I spoke to @SheriffChitwood today to thank him for his leadership.

As I wrote in my @foxnews Op-Ed, all levels of government need to be transparent and provide Americans with clear, accurate information so they can make good decisions.

I applaud the Administration for standing up against forced labor and human rights violations.

These sanctions show Communist China that the U.S. will not allow the mistreatment of the Uyghur community go unnoticed.

Mantengamos los ojos abiertos. China, Rusia e Irán son nuestros adversarios. Mientras apoyen a dictadores como @NicolasMaduro, son una amenaza directa a la libertad y la democracia en nuestro hemisferio.

No podemos permitirlo.

Companies influenced and controlled by the Chinese Gov’t must adhere to CCP demands to spy, steal user data, and censor any content the gov’t wishes.

@tiktok_us is one of those companies.

Why would any of us subject ourselves to this kind of risk?

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Happy 4th! ⁦@PeteHegseth⁩ buying me a new tie for next year. I will be on PARLER celebrating Independence Day with the rest of the patriots!🇺🇸

Getting ready to watch @realDonaldTrump speak (on TV ) from South Dakota! Will be on PARLER it’s a great place to be on Independence Day eve!

DEMOCRAT/SOCIALISTS moving to impeach AG Barr

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I am elated to be one of the nine cofounders for American Society of Physicians @ASP__org. We have been working behind the scenes for the past five months. If you’re interested in learning more or being a member, please visit


Here's the Math! UNMATCHED AMG/DO/USIMG=1218+826+613+326+2013= 4996
No Rank List (No Interviews)=79+187+50+102+1156=1574
Grand total UNMATCHED AMERICAN MDs= 6570

"The unmatched American doctors...say there is no need to keep importing foreign doctors to fill coveted hospital residencies and jobs when there is a pool of thousands of U.S. medical graduates who want those jobs."

@realDonaldTrump @DHS_Wolf

The Census just posted the raw data for the June 2020 employment report. It shows that the unemployment rate for *computer occupations with managers* (Stuart Anderson's flawed definition) shot up to 4.4% from 2.5% in May. Will @NFAPResearch publish that in a @Forbes piece?


"I harbor no hostility towards immigrants. In fact, I’m an immigrant myself. I came to this country legally from Bangladesh in hopes of achieving the American dream...But I also have empathy for my fellow Marylanders who have lost their livelihoods."

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🇺🇸 Up to 589,000 new American jobs

🍇 Better market access for American agriculture exports

🚘 Up to $34 billion in new investment in the U.S. auto industry

BIG wins ahead under #USMCA!

#USMCA replaces the failed, outdated NAFTA and brings our trade relationship with Canada and Mexico into the 21st century! 🇺🇸 🇲🇽 🇨🇦

Shameful how Democrats claim to want things to change, but when given the chance to take action do nothing. Another missed opportunity to unify our country by liberals plying politics and sowing division. Thank you @SenatorTimScott for being a courageous leader.

#BeBest is committed to supporting & advocating for our nation’s child welfare system. Today, I joined @POTUS for the signing of an Executive Order that will provide critical improvements to help protect the well-being & outcomes for children in foster care.

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Following up on thread below from 2 weeks ago

On 6/24 median age of new Covid cases in #Florida was 33

Median age has now climbed to 40

Concern remains that initial surge driven by younger,lower risk people crosses over to secondary surge that is older & at higher risk.

Inequality of opportunity is the result of allowing #China & others to de-industrialize our economy,wiping out millions of good jobs & turning the market into a casino.

That isn’t a capitalist “system of oppression” that was bipartisan stupidity.

I supported first “shutdown” to flatten the curve

But we are in a very different place now

Must weigh cost versus benefit

Social,economic & enforcement costs are significant

Benefits are questionable,govt can’t shutdown private gatherings & most businesses already restricted

Reason #COVID__19 is an emergency is it can kill

We know who’s at highest risk:

-80+ are 20X more likely to die than those in 50s & 100X than those below 40

-obesity,diabetes, severe asthma & compromised immunity

Core focus should be protecting them

Having a rational & effective response to #COVID-19 will be hard to achieve as long as we have a heavily politicized narrative that demands you pick 1 of 2 views:

A. Virus is the apocalypse & everything must close; or

B. Virus is being exaggerated & will go away on its own

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WATCH LIVE: Press conference with U.S. Secretary of Labor Eugene Scalia in Jacksonville

Today I am joining @SecGeneScalia for a press conference in Jacksonville. Tune in at 2:30PM to the @floridachannel or

I have directed the state to send 100 nurses to support @JacksonHealth as they continue to care for COVID-positive patients. I am committed to supporting our hard-working health care workers and physicians across the state and thank them for their ongoing efforts.

Enjoyed discussing Florida’s efforts to protect our most vulnerable in long-term care facilities and the elderly with @SeanHannity.

.@FLCaseyDeSantis & I mourn the loss of Wayne Mixson, a WWII veteran who served as Lt. Governor and Governor of Florida & was appointed U.S. Ambassador under President Jimmy Carter. We extend our condolences to his family as our state and country celebrate his legacy.

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