The Technology Used in the 2000 Mules Documentary | Guests: Catherine Engelbrecht and Gregg Phillips

Biden uses the death of children for a partisan gun control argument.

This is even more grotesquely hypocritical than his lecturing Ukraine on corruption.

As long as the present gun laws are not prosecuted, particularly against his son, Biden’s words are meaningless.

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Ramos was a cannabis user as was Nikolas Cruz, Florida HS shooter. Devin Patrick Kelley (shot up a TX church). Also, Darrell Brooks Jr. (Waukesha).

Perhaps a greater point is missed or ignored. There is a common denominator, so logic dictates exploring.

#Mentalillness control. That’s what we need. Maybe one day when politicians stop pretending to care act on the only healthcare that should be FREE but is the one that is NEVER addressed or funded. The answer to all violence? Imagine $40B for mental health here instead of Ukraine.

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