MEME FRIDAY - February 3, 2023

Reply with your best memes and I will tweet out and amplify my top 4 favorites! #MemewiththeMayor

Ready... Set... Meme!

Hunter Biden admits the laptop is his through his attorney, Abbe Lowell.

QUICK! Someone needs to tell the 51 "intelligence" officials who signed a letter calling it, "Russian Disinformation."

Surely they'll want to correct the record and issue an apology!

Will action is taken against these lawyers, like Abbe Lowell, for their request of a criminal investigation based on facts they know to be false? This isn't partisan. Even if you don't like me, you should support a justice system that treats everyone equal. #AmericasMayorLive πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡²



I'll respond to Hunter Biden's "prominent, high-powered, Washington-based attorney" Abbe Lowell, and his false claim that John Paul Mac Isaac improperly obtained Hunter's laptop hard drive.

The proof is incontrovertible.(1/3)

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SCOOP: House Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan Officially Subpoenas Department Of Education Over School Boards Issue

Read all about it here first for @DailyCaller:

Reporter: "If the [Chinese spy balloon] is violating our airspace, why not take it down?"

Pentagon Spox: "We assessed that it does not pose a risk to people on the ground as it is traversing the continental United States."


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Our military has the capability to collect the balloon undamaged & thoroughly investigate it. They should seize it right now, stop its transmission capability, and dissect it to learn everything. To allow it to continue is treacherous, stupid, & a violation of their oaths.

I absolutely guarantee you this is an outcome of the Promise Program that exists in SE Miami school districts (Broward and Dade).

Also notice RdS, for all his social and ed targeting, has never touched this issue in the state. πŸ€”

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