I’m the proud husband of an educator, and I’ve seen firsthand the dedication and selflessness the job requires. Yesterday, we hosted recipients of the 2020 and 2021 Teacher of the Year awards at the White House to celebrate their achievements and thank them for all they do.

We’re going to pass my Build Back Better Agenda and ensure the super-wealthy and big corporations pay their fair share.

Since I took office, the economy has created nearly 5 million jobs and unemployment is the lowest it’s been since the beginning of the pandemic.

Let’s pass the Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal and my Build Back Better Agenda to keep this progress going.

Despite the attacks and misinformation, my plans still have the overwhelming support of the American people.

They understand that when families have a little more breathing room, America has a better shot.

Jill and I are deeply saddened by the passing of our dear friend and a patriot of unmatched honor and dignity, General Colin Powell. Time and again, he put country before self, before party, before all else—in uniform and out. He will be remembered as one of our great Americans.

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Had lunch with the @svgop on Sunday. Californians are tired of what they are seeing at home and in Washington.


General Powell faithfully answered the call to service each time he was called upon. He was a role model for me & my unit when I was a young soldier & he served as the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. He also offered me consistent, kind counsel when I became Sec. of State.

In 2018, we brought Rev. Kim Hak-song home from North Korea where he was being held captive. He handed me this note along with a Bible verse (Psalm 126). I keep this note as a reminder of why our work mattered.

Last Friday, we reconnected. May God bless him & his family


This weekend, I reaffirmed that I will always unapologetically stand with the people of Hong Kong at the Hong Kong American Dinner and Commemoration of Hong Kong Freedom Beacon.

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President @realDonaldTrump and @FLOTUS participated virtually in the lighting of the National Christmas Tree, decorated with ornaments made by students from all over America!🎄

WATCH the countdown ⬇️

President @realDonaldTrump just signed an executive order to ensure that the U.S. government prioritizes delivery of the vaccine to American citizens before sending it to other nations.

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"Thank you and farewell.

God bless you. God bless the United States of America." 🇺🇸


Thank you, America! It has been a great honor and privilege to serve as the Second Lady of the United States. Let’s keep in touch at @KarenPence. God Bless the USA! 🇺🇸

"Four years ago, we launched a great national effort to rebuild our country, to renew its spirit, and to restore the allegiance of this government to its citizens.

We did what we came here to do—and so much more."

President Trump's Farewell Address: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6h5_d3DUdR4

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The global Biden bounce. Not surprisingly, a ton more respect for America globally since Biden was elected. https://news.gallup.com/poll/355979/ratings-record-low-trump-exits-rally-biden.aspx

It does not matter what your politics are this is a beautiful story about connection, the role of faith during hard times and an incredible @FLOTUS


The plans are fully paid for by raising taxes on corporations and the high income individuals. So, yes, we can afford them.


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