This afternoon, I’m delivering remarks on the new sanctions the United States is imposing on Russia. Tune in.

Right now, the United States ranks 13th in the world in infrastructure — but we have the power to change that. The American Jobs Plan will modernize our roads, fix our bridges, invest in public transportation, and make our infrastructure more resilient to climate change.

There are a lot of myths out there about the American Jobs Plan — so I asked @SecGranholm to clear a few things up.

When we’ve invested in innovation throughout our history, we’ve been rewarded in extraordinary ways.

We have that opportunity once again.

I am immeasurably grateful for the bravery that members of our Armed Forces have shown through nearly two decades of combat and deployments in Afghanistan. They have never backed down. They have never wavered in their resolve. And they have paid a tremendous price on our behalf.

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Faith in the public square is not only consistent with America’s Judeo-Christian tradition, but necessary for our Republic’s continued exceptionalism.

As a Congressman, DCIA and Secretary of State, my duty was to defend our Constitution from enemies, both foreign and domestic. But how to achieve that is important; and for me, my faith is a central part of who I am.

More on this in my latest with @ACLJ:

Our Supreme Court Justices uphold the rule of law, not the emotion of law. Packing the Supreme Court to tilt favorable outcomes brings partisan politics into the courtroom. SCOTUS is the last place we need political games.

There is no right more fundamental to a free society than the free practice of religion. No country that denies religious freedom can ever rightly claim to be good in some other way. More from my op-ed with @freedomcenterlu:

Looking forward to commemorating Israel’s Memorial Day on the eve of its Independence Day this afternoon! @RabbiShmuley

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President @realDonaldTrump and @FLOTUS participated virtually in the lighting of the National Christmas Tree, decorated with ornaments made by students from all over America!🎄

WATCH the countdown ⬇️

President @realDonaldTrump just signed an executive order to ensure that the U.S. government prioritizes delivery of the vaccine to American citizens before sending it to other nations.

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"Thank you and farewell.

God bless you. God bless the United States of America." 🇺🇸

Thank you, America! It has been a great honor and privilege to serve as the Second Lady of the United States. Let’s keep in touch at @KarenPence. God Bless the USA! 🇺🇸

"Four years ago, we launched a great national effort to rebuild our country, to renew its spirit, and to restore the allegiance of this government to its citizens.

We did what we came here to do—and so much more."

President Trump's Farewell Address:

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A quick check-in with U.S. adults reveals that contrary to the prevailing view on Twitter, the decision to pause the J&J vaccine💉 due to a small number of blood clotting issues actually makes Americans more, not less, confident in the COVID-19 vaccines.

Grateful to the many vaccine sites that quickly switched people to Pfizer / Moderna -- a very solid daily total with the J&J news.

In addition to delivering remarks tomorrow, @POTUS will visit Section 60 of Arlington National Cemetery tomorrow to pay his respects to the brave men and women who have paid the ultimate sacrifice in Afghanistan.

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