Narcissist – the new N word

Listen to the new N word for the poor Trump followers who blindly followed their Prince Charming. But no worries for Trump supporters now since Ramani lets the left know that like someone entering a bad marriage, now is not the time to talk the person, wait until the honeymoon is over.


Winter White House

Watch as Sean stumbles over America’s new “Winter White House.”

Marjorie Meriweather Post willed Mar-a-Lago to the federal government when she passed away in 1973 as a home for presidents. But the government was not interested and President Trump bought the property.

Thomas Jefferson

tJefferson-125x125Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others. I do not add ‘within the limits of the law’ because law is often but the tyrant’s will, and always so when it violates the rights of the individual.

The Real Lincoln

CHAPTER I Was Lincoln Heroic? Before considering the testimony as to Lincoln’s moral and religious character that is furnished by the two intimate friends of his whole lifetime, Ward H. Lamon and William H. Herndon, readers should examine carefully what is told of them in the Appendix under their names, in order to see theContinue Reading

The Outbreak Of The Rebellion

1881 – By John G. Nicolay, Private Secretary to Abraham Lincoln CHAPTER I Secession The fifth day of October 1860, is the initial point of the American Rebellion. Its conception, animus, and probably its plans, lay much farther back. It had been seriously proposed once or twice before, but it was then that its formalContinue Reading

Jefferson Davis

Confederate President 1959 – By Hudson Strode     INTRODUCTION It was the fate of Jefferson Davis to be thrust into a historical time woefully out of joint and to be chosen to try to set it right for his side. If Froissart is right, the most profitable thing in the world for the understandingContinue Reading

Life and Reminiscences of Jefferson Davis

INTRODUCTORY   LIFE OF JEFFERSON DAVIS A TRIBUTE FROM A CLASSMATE BY GENERAI, GEORGE W. JONES, Ex-United States Senator. MR. DAVIS and I became college mates in Transylvania University, in Lexington, Kentucky, in the month of October, 1821. He remained there until 1823, when he went to the West Point Military Academy, N. Y. IContinue Reading

Slavery – and the Internal Slave Trade

FIRST QUESTION: What is the number of slaves held in the different States of the American Union? As no national census of the population of the United States has been taken since 1830, we cannot give precisely the present number of slaves. The following estimate is near the truth, though it probably falls below theContinue Reading